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President – Currently open

Vice President, Interim President Grace Stiller

Grace is currently Interim President of Burien Arts, filling the position in June, 2017, when the exiting President Lance Haslund moved from the area. She has worked extensively in non-profit management since the 1980s and serves on several local non-profit boards and two county boards. She holds degrees in Education and Art and has taught in a third world country. Now retired, Grace volunteers her time for both arts and environmental organizations.

Secretary –  Cydney Moore

Cydney is a long-time community organizer who has worked with a variety of nonprofits over the course of more than a decade. She currently serves as a Lead Organizer for ACLU Burien People Power and has held positions on many other steering committees, boards of directors, and organizational governing bodies. She authors an ongoing series on the B-Town Blog profiling shelter pets at Burien C.A.R.E.S. and has a background in journalism and digital marketing.

Cydney maintains a fervent life-long love of art in all mediums and strives to support her local art community through her volunteer efforts and her avid appreciation.

Treasurer – Virginia H. Wright

Virginia owns and operates Phoenix Tea shop in Burien, together with the Ibis Gallery. She operates the Burien Culture Hub website and is the author of Burien in the Images of Modern America series.

Trustee – Tyler Potts

Tyler is an artist, musician, designer, and teacher. He has fine art and architecture degrees with a professional focus on teaching, installation/performance art, and the design and planning of our local event landscape. His role as a board member is centered around grant writing, development, and youth arts education. He also serves as the host of the Salmon Creek Café Open Mic. See www.tylerpotts.com

Trustee – Eric Mathison

Eric was editor of the Highline Times (now the Westside Weekly) for 13 years. He has previously served on the Burien Advisory Parks Board and as a Trustee of the Burien Arts Association. His family donated the land for Mathison Park in Burien.

Trustee, President Emeritus – Lance Haslund.

A musician, Lance was a BA trustee since 2009, then later President until his retirement in 2017. He and his wife Laurie, also a musician, produced a major jazz event for Burien Arts for 12 years (first the Highline Classic Jazz Festival 2006-2014), then the Burien Jazz Walk (2015-2017).


Amaranta Sandys, Curator, Burien Arts Pop-up Art Exhibit Program Curating Committee Chair

Shannan Folino, Curator, Artists United President

Ken DeRoux, Former BAA Gallery Curator, Adviser as needed

Garreth Schuh, Former BAA Gallery Curator, Adviser as needed

Susan Woltz, Former gallery owner, Adviser as needed

Sybil Davis, Former BAA President

John Unbehend, Former BAA President

Lance Haslund, Former BAA President