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Four Square Family AP II

Smokin’ AP III

The prints on display are either etchings or collagraphs (a combination of relief and print made on a flat surface using different textures.) The plates are made by hand, hand- wiped, and printed using the intaglio method of printing (pressing paper onto an inked engraved or incised design in stone or other hard material.)

The variations from one print to the next are created by incorporating chine collé elements (technique in which paper of a different color or texture is adhered to the overall piece. The paper, usually in pre-cut shapes, is bonded to the heavier support paper of the print in the printmaking process. It is not just glued to the print as a collage element. The print is made over the pre-cut shape.)

Although there is a repeating image in each edition, the individual prints are varied, resulting in editions of unique prints.

More information at www.burienarts.org.