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We are pleased to feature the mixed media works of Becca Heavrin in the August 2018 exhibit at the Pop-up Art Gallery at the Burien Community Center,

Meet Becca at the opening reception, Tuesday, August 7, from 6:00-7:30 PM at the Center. The exhibit runs to August 31 and is open to the public during Center hours, 8:30 AM-8:00 PM, Monday–Thursday, and 8:30-5:00 Friday.

“Since as long as I can remember I’ve been an artist and a writer,” she said. “In 2014 I fell in love, and the life I’ve built with my sweetheart has allowed me to quit my corporate job and study psychology and art therapy.  As I find the right mix between these two areas of interest, I continue to make art, having more recently been drawn to painting and mixed media.  I continue to refine my process and my interests, working with my materials in that intimate dance that artists do. “

“My influences include my graduate work in psychology, my connection to nature, and my roots in fiber arts, sculpture, and painting,” she continued.”As I create each piece, I focus on the play of opposites such as shadow and light, shiny and matte, structure and chaos.  I love how the colors complement and work in contrast to each other as the composition is completed.  You will find many bright and cheerful colors, earth tones, and metallics prevalent in my work, too.”

Becca grew up on a farm in rural Maine where her family grew their own food and raised animals. She learned to knit when she was eight and kept the family in hats, mittens, socks, and sweaters. “It was the adeptness of hand work for chores or other useful tasks that I hold as one of the most important lessons of my childhood, the others being resilience and survival,” she said.

After earning a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science (Outdoor Education) from the University of NH, she spent several years in the corporate world before traveling the New England craft show circuit with her stitched bags and wall hangings. Health issues led her to return to corporate jobs to obtain health insurance, which led her to Seattle.

Becca now focuses on making and selling art.  She has been displaying and selling her works at street fairs around the metro area. Art classes are coming up soon.

All of Becca’s works on display at the Community Center are for sale. Please email burienarts@gmail.com for information on purchasing.

The Burien Community Center is located at 14700 6th Avenue SW, Burien, WA.


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